"I made a gift of $400 and got all of my money back when I filed my taxes. It's a win, win, and I got to help a child!"

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Your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit can do incredible things, and gives you the power to give to the causes you care most about. This convenient, valuable guide will:

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  • Give you power over your tax dollars
  • Help you support the causes you love
  • End homelessness, end domestic violence, and help those in need!

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A New Leaf helps so many families in Arizona! With so many programs to choose from, families can get the help they need.

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Michael Timson
Tax Credit Donor 2017

One of the most important charities in the US! Full of integrity, promise and hope. ❤

Tanner Swanson                           Tax Credit Donor 2018

Real Impact

Jessica Smith                    Tax Credit Donor 2018